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Guadalupe Baking Company


Old Bisbee

Bisbee, AZ 85603

Old Bisbee
Bisbee, AZ 85603


Guadalupe Baking Company is nestled in the heart of the historic district in Bisbee, Arizona. It is the home of Bisbee Wild Yeast Sourdough Bread.Specializing in the art of rustic artisanal sourdough breads made with traditional methods.Each loaf of sourdough bread is made entirely with natural levain (or sour culture), meaning that no commercial yeasts are used, making a high quality bread that is much more beneficial for your health than those commonly found in the marketplace. Each 25 pound batch takes about 50 hours from dough to oven. It is this slow and long rise that creates a remarkable flavor, and makes it ideal for consumption - even those with gluten intolerance often find they can eat our bread with no ill effect.We also create insanely delicious specialty cakes that are made from scratch. Cakes are made to your specifications, using the finest quality ingredients: Grade A butter, cane sugar, pure vanilla, local free range chicken eggs, Dutch process chocolate, etc. The perfect way to make your next party memorable.Guadalupe Baking Company is not a retail bakery. Breads are available at local specialty & Farmers markets. Please see the Markets page for the various locations.

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