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Maya’s Farmers Market at South Mountain


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6106 S 32nd Street
Phoenix AZ 85042


Discover fresh locally, organically grown fruits and vegetables, seasonal flowers and eggs from Maya's Garden at her farmers' market every Sunday. The beautiful produce from Maya's Garden help us create that farm to table experience here at our Seasonally Fresh Culinary Family restaurants.


Wednesdays - Sundays, 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

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Market Products

Standard Herbs Credit: Danielle Walquist Lynch
Danielle Walquist Lynch
Broccoli Credit: Liz West
Liz West
Broccoli Rabe Credit: C. Bertel
C. Bertel
Collard Greens Credit: Tim Sackton
Tim Sackton
Mustard greens Credit: Badagnani
Turnip Greens Credit: Evan Amos
Evan Amos
Purple Top White Globe Turnip Credit:
"Turnip 2622027" by - Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons -
Chioggia Beets Credit: Mason  Masteka
Mason Masteka
Lettuce, Buttercrunch Credit: Mark Levisay
Mark Levisay
Lettuce, Leaf Credit: Jamain
Lettuce, Mesclun Mix Credit: Rudi Riet
Rudi Riet

Meet Our Vendors

Maya's Farm is a small, sustainable garden which produces high-quality specialty vegetables, herbs, flowers and eggs for...